Hamra Urban Gardens (HUG) opened its doors in August 2016. It the cross-town cousin of Saifi Urban Gardens; created, owned and managed by the same team.

HUG is located just off Hamra Street - Beirut’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan thoroughfare - in the Estral Center. The space was originally designed as a hotel within the Center, but it was never completed. The Lebanese Civil War began just as Estral was set to open. Instead of hotel guests, a series of refugees and militias occupied the rooms throughout the war. As life in Hamra returned to normal the hotel in Estral sat empty, a casualty of war yet to be revived.

Renovations and repairs began in January 2016 by a team of craftsmen, most of whom have been working together for years on various projects including Saifi Urban Gardens, led by the self-taught architect and owner. The result is a handmade blend of old and new, classic design and urban practicality, traditional methods and modern materials.

HUG continues to change and grow like the lush forest on its roof. Come experience another side of Beirut.