Bayt Em Nazih

A home inside a restaurant…

Em Nazih restaurant and café opened its doors at the end of 2010. It was established by a modest yet entrepreneurial Lebanese family who desired to serve an unconventional menu in order to stand out from the rest of restaurants and cafés when it comes to food, service, décor, music and the general ambiance.

Hence the idea to call our second branch "Beit Em Nazih" or Em Nazih's Home. The name reflects the core essence of the restaurant; "Em Nazih" is the cook who diligently prepares the Plat du Jour and entrées on her own way, i.e. she makes dishes on par with those she was brought up eating at home, those she made to feed her own children.

The Plat du Jour "Dish of the Day" is mostly a Lebanese meal or an Arabic meal commonly served in Lebanon, or even a foreign meal, especially on weekends, to fit in with the habits of Lebanese families. In the event that the Plat du Jour wasn't adapted to your palate, you can find other main dishes on the menu, which are equal in quality to the main dish, such as "Kebbeh bel Laban", "Loubieh bi Zeit", "Lebanese Moujaddara", and other home cooked meals. Besides offering the best quality, our portions are generous too!

Lebanese traditional Mezze platters are numerous, diverse and adapted to different palates. Our restaurant offers a wide range of choices to the delight of vegetarians and meat-lovers alike, fitness lovers and food lovers alike.

Arguileh is also served in case you wanted to linger over for a time well spent with friends. Music plays in the background, and laughter and conversation permeate the air, entwined with sweet smells of the smoke exhaled among friends and family and with bright colors of a wide array of drinks. On this happy note, a toast!

In order to keep the home character, table service was scrapped in favor of ordering from a counter. Thus, you won't be attended by a waiter round the clock, rather all you have to do is go to the bar, order all the food and drinks you like, and when your order is ready, head again to the bar to pick it up. Self-service is what we do at home.

Beit Em Nazih is located in the heart of the capital, particularly in the busiest and most vibrant street of Hamra, which is considered as an important tourist outlet where a great number of restaurants, coffee shops, shops and nightclubs are located. Therefore, it was evident for us to be a part of the popularity and history of this location.

We wanted the interior of Beit Em Nazih to simulate the Lebanese traditional architecture with modern touches, starting from tiled floors found in most of the Lebanese traditional houses to wooden tables and chairs that characterized old Lebanese cafés. We also made sure to use dim lights in order to make the place cozy, just like home.

The upper floor connects to a gym where you can watch people exercising. You can join in anytime you feel motivated and in need of making more space for more food. It is an ideal floor since you can watch from that cool balcony-like space music bands performing live on Fridays and Saturdays.

The place is embellished by trees and folkloric furniture that will invite you to lounge longer.

Our Arabic music is pleasant for all tastes and for different times of the day. What does a morning that doesn't echo the divine voices of Feiruz and Wadih Al-Safi look like? In the afternoon though, the music is less highlighted setting up an ambiance which is more appealing for students who wish to study calmly, or for professionals who wish to hold a business meeting, or for employees who wish to enjoy their lunch quietly. As for the night, we carefully selected for you the elite of classical oldies.

Beit Em Nazih hosts a variety of entertainment events. These include a live house band that plays live oriental dance songs every Friday and Saturday. If you feel like having some fun after working hard during the week, Beit Em Nazih is your only destination!


Prices are affordable and suitable for all classes and incomes. For only 12000 L.L., you can enjoy a fancy meal with a drink.


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