Bayt Em Nazih

Bayt Em Nazih is a friendly place where people meet people, and where the staff knows everyone's name. Em Nazih serves great home-style Lebanese food at reasonable prices: mezzeh, mana2eesh, Em Nazih's specialties, daily breakfast and lunch buffets, and the plat du jour. Orders are taken at the bar (self-service), and guests are welcome to relax all day to use the free wi-fi, work, smoke argile or meet with friends and colleagues.
Thursday night is our famous live-band karaoke night. This popular event brings out some of Beirut’s best (and worst ?) singers for a fun evening of entertainment and dancing.
Friday and Saturday night the Em Nazih house bands (oud, nay, 2eeqaa3 and singer) play Arabic classics and contemporary dance favorites to a packed house (reservations required for a table, bar stools are first-come-first-served).

Monday - Thursday: 8am - 12:30am
Friday - Saturday: 8am - 2:00am
Sunday: 8am - 12:30am

We take reservations for large groups (6 or more). To reserve call: +961 03 005 717
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