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We asked Edward from Living Lebanon to share with us a funny stroy he experienced with the team upon a hike.

"During fall, every time we go out on a hiking trip, we cross our fingers to have a beautiful hike without a rainy day.

But then, we were on our way to Qadisha Valley with a group of more than 20 people and we started the hike is a

great way until the rain started pouring heavily. We couldn't stop the hike, go back, or anything and the only way we

had was to continue hiking until the finish point, and so we hiked for 8 km praying not to pour any more rain on us...

This photo was taken down by the river, everyone holing umbrellas, covering themselves with whatever clothes they

have and jackets, and some with only a thin neylon pancho that couldnt protect them from the cold. All our shoes were

muddy and our faces red, walking and hiking to the finish line. When we reached the end, everyone was soaking wet,

and the bus driver had to accept us in and he also got his bus all wet, muddy, and dirty. Everyone else was super happy

and excited, they didn't expect to have so much fun on a rainy hike, but eventually, it turned out great and we had a little stop

for hot tea on our way back to Beirut. I got a cold for the next few weeks, but hell it was worth it!